Tired of Pain

From: Pam (mainethang207@earthlink.net)
Thu Apr 29 22:41:48 2004

I am new to this board. I have been reading it for some time now hoping to find answers. I had my appendix rupture in Sept. 02 and had peritonitis really bad. I almost died. My second day home from the hospital my incision opened up and the surgeon told me I would probably get a hernia within 4-6 months. That happened in March of 03. I had to have surgery again to repair the hernia which was very large. Another 6 in. incision. Then in Oct of 03 I began to have a lot of pain and was very weak. I could not work again. I had to wait until Dec. to have them finally decide to go in and do laprascopic and the surgeon found many adhesions.

They were not supposed to stick to the mesh that was used to repair the hernia, but they did. I went back to work again in Jan. 04 and by the end of Feb. was in pain again. I worked until early March but have been out ever since with this pain again. I have been sent to a pain management clinic where they did trigger point injections to no avail. Actually the pain got worse. I have seen the surgeon 3 times since the beginning of Mar. and I understand he is really trying to avoid another surgery and I do appreciate that but the pain is awful. I don't like having to take pain meds all the time. I was referred back to the pain clinic one more time before the surgeon will go back in to cut more adhesions. I went this past Fri. and was so angry by the time I left. He told me that it couldn't be adhesions because they are not painful. I told him then thousands of people including me must be crazy then. He was very rude and wanted to refer me to someone else. I know because he doesn't have a clue what to do himself. As I have read these messages it is at least comforting in some way to know that I am not alone in this and am not crazy. I have had 3 c-sections over the years but never had any problems. This didn't start until I had the ruptured appendix with the perotonitis. I have had to be out of work 4 times in the last year and a half and am afraid I am going to lose my job on top of everything else. I do have a wonderful and understanding family and friends so that helps some. Does anyone know if perotonitis can cause this problem to keep recurring? I know that it really does some damage. I just hope this has an end soon and doesn't keep happening over and over again. The only ones who do understand this are my family. Co-workers are not at all understanding. Thank you for this message board. At least you can know you are not crazy or alone in the pain.


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