i have similar problems

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sun Apr 25 22:11:55 2004

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Hi there I have Crohns Disease and suffer in level 10 pain several times a day, since I found out that these episodes of didtentions and buckled over into fetal positions are from adhesions . Unfortunately w/me because of mal-practice 3 years ago I have lost my entire stomach, part of esophagus, pancreas relocated and parts removed, liver reconstructed , and feet of my small intestines removed and ressected in different locations. I now have malabsorbtion will never maintain my own nutrition w/o artificial intervention, I have a heart problem sometimes critical during a severe adhesion stanglelation which happens 8-10 x a day this last one has not let up now for almost 72 hours, I am 34 and do not have a life at all i usually am the energizer bunny and now have lost all of my physical abilities to do anything for my girls and loosing my mental status. The 1st advice I give to you is find yourself a GOOD pain management specialist. Darvocet and percocet are not the pain meds that are sufficient for your condition once the pain man.. Dr gets your pain under a tolerable level of control your whole you r body will be able to heal some and they can focus on your real problem .

I am on SSD and have been for 2 years its a long hard road to get it , but look into it you will qualify and and the financial stress plays such a major set-back in recovery believe me Ive had all these sugeries within i year and im still fighting . Just remember You are # 1 now if you don't treat yourself as that you cant be there for anyone else, because you will not have anything to offer. Take care and be strong and don't give up . I don't know were you are , im in the NYC area and can refer a great pain management Dr that dos it all including acupuncture he will figure out what treatment that is best for you. Just write me back if you need anymore inf. Kim

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