Not knowing what to do.

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Sun Apr 25 21:59:11 2004

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Tammie, My suggestion is to seek a second opinion before considering surgery again. I know for a fact that every time a person has surgery of any kind there is going to be scar tissue that will form as a result of surgery. This is called adhesions. I have had 11 surgeries and had to have a full hysterectomy because at that time, I had 7 layers of adhesions wrapped around my intestines. I should have had an intestinal specialist operate on me at the time. But I didn't know. I woke up very ill and close to death because the doctor was an obgyn and not an intestinal specialist. He took it upon himself to do the surgery and took the risk.I ended up having even more multiple surgeries after that, because of his screw up on me. I tried suing him, but the lawyers told me it would cost alot of money and time. I didn't have either. I prayed about it and gave it to the Lord. A few yrs later the same doctor operated on another patient taking the same risk again and this time the patient was permentately damaged. The patient sued him for 5 million and won. I was so happy for her because no one believed me. My advice to you is get a second opinion before going thru any more surgery. And go on the website You will find the answers your looking for. Hope this will help you. Dee

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