Re: Pain Clinic???

From: Brenda (
Sun Apr 25 21:55:30 2004

Hi Cheryl, this is Brenda from Ottawa, Canada. You wanted to know about pain clinic I go to the one at the Ottawa General Hospital. I have been going for 6 months now. The treatment I receive is a linocain infussion which is done by intervienous. They tried it and I have some good days and bad but over all not too bad. I am on 60 mg of ms contin morphine and I take 5 mg every four hours if need of morphine sulphate. I had mention to my doctor about the morphine catheter and they say most pain clinics will not admiinister that they wil try the pills first. Listen feel free to contact me regaring this and I can answer any of your questions . Please don't give up. Brenda

At Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Cheryl wrote: >
>I saw my Gastro. on Monday. He and my family physician want me to go
>to the pain management clinc. I am not real thrilled about this.

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