Re: Not knowing what to do.

Fri Apr 23 22:04:54 2004

Hi Tammie,
I had 4 surgeries in two years, the last one being
the removal of my ovaries, not due
to adhesions, they found a mass which turned
out to be benign HOWEVER, 2 out of the three
hours of my procedure was cutting adhesions.

They do not remove adhesions, they cut them and the adage of cut one makes two definately applies. My ovaries were densely adherent to my bowel, they could not even see my ovaries thru the adhesion. That surgery was 2 years ago in July, I was just at my surgeon YESTERDAY, sent there by my gynocologist, he said I definately have adhesive disease. My advice to you is, learn to live with it, not a very pain free existence but better than the alternative, which would be more surgery. I have been to pain management and that did nothing for me but you may want to give it a try.

Best of luck to you.

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