Re: Lower Back, Hip, Pelvic Pain following appendectomy/peritonitis

From: sue (
Thu Apr 15 06:34:05 2004

Hello John, Believe me, you are NOT a hypochondriac. I sympathize with you. I too had a ruptured appendix and NEVER had a problem with anything prior to the surgery. I have had and continue to have numerouse problems including 3 more surgeries due to the cause and effect of a ruptured appendix. I am sick and tired of being in pain. I have been to a pain management Dr. and it did not help. I have been reading some messages posted here and pain management seems to have helped a few people. You may want to try that route, it can't hurt! I truly wish you the best. I also find it helps me to sleep if I use one of those long body pillows.


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