Lower Back, Hip, Pelvic Pain following appendectomy/peritonitis

From: John (jmatero@mac.com)
Mon Apr 12 21:29:46 2004

I'm really at the end of my rope. 36 year old male with no health problems before appenedectomy.

Seriously.... the end of my rope.

I've posted before but now a recap:

just over a year ago, I had a traditional appendectomy for a perforated appendix. A week after the surgery, the first pain started: TERRIBLE pain just before a bowel movement... it feels like something is blocked and you are trying to pass a bowling ball... then after the pain, the stools appear normal and the pain subsides. I had multiple CAT scans, MRIs, colonoscopy... all normal. I still get the pain to this day. Then about 6 months later, the hell started. I have chronic pain at the site of the scar.... it radiates down into my groin. I also have pain in my hips/pelvis when I turn/twist my torso... and getting up and down from sitting is painfull. Now, I am unable to sleep because of intense pain in my pelvis and lower back.... particularly when I fall asleep on my side or stomach.

NOW... I've been to the general doc, 2 gastroenterologists and now a neurologist. The gastros did colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRIs, CAT scans and they all appeared normal with the only notes from the radiologist saying there was a dialation in the loops of the small intestine with no obvious cause. My Dr. doesn't seem to want to persue this saying to me "we've done all the tests... I can only suggest a follow up colonoscapy in a year."

Now I'm seeing a neurologist... she heard me out and prescribed Neurontin first... it did NOTHING for the pain. She has also prescribed a number of sleeping pills but they don't help. Now I'm trying Elavil which I thought might have given a hint of relief but that seems to have stopped too.

I'm seriously ready to give up. The pain is really bad and I'm now feeling I'll have to just live with it. However, my Neurologist mentioned she was thinking "adhesions"..... I never heard of them but found this site and can't help but wonder if this might be the problem?

Is ANYONE out there experiencing the same thing as me? ANYONE? Am I just NUTS? I live in Westchester County NY and work in Fairfield County CT..... are there any Dr's there who specialize in this? Please, if anyone can help, feel free to contact me directly..... jmatero@mac.com. I'm tired and frustrated and as far as doctors are concerned, if it doesn't show up on an MRI and your blood comes back normal, you must be a hypochondriac. Please, anybody, can you help?

Thanks for your time


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