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From: Cheryl (
Mon Apr 12 21:30:29 2004

I have finally been diagnosed with adhesions. My most recent surgery was a sigmoid resection for diverticulosis Oct. 02. In total I have had 7 abdominal surgeries. I am so thrilled to find websites, and information. I was begining to think I was losing my mind. I have been told that surgery for adhesions may only make the problem worse, the Dr wants me to go for pain blocking shots. I already had a kenelog shot in my stomach in Nov. 03, It only increased the pain. I am scared to death to have more injections in my stomach. I have been living on Darvocette since July 03, and just this week my Dr. put me on percocet. I am looking at losing my job right now because of this. People are sympathetic, but they don't understand what I am going through, I have missed a lot of work. I was begining to think this was all in my mind. I am only 45 years old, I have never been a person to sit still, a little hyperactive, and now I can hardly do anything. I am looking into a disability prgram through my employer, thought about SSI. I really need to keep my job because of health insurance. I feel like I am up against a brick wall. The pain is so intense from under my ribcage on my left side into my lower abdomin, and shooting pain down my left leg, at times it causes me to double over, and I can harldy walk, also my stomach will totally stick on one side, it gets sucked in like glue, and eventually it will break loose. Does anyone else deal with this? On top of this there is something else wrong with me, and I go in for a gastric emptying next week. I would like to know other avenues of treatment that other patients have gone through. I even checked into accupuncture, and they said they doubt that they can help me. Thank you for listening to me. Cheryl

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