found a little relief

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Jeanne, I'm hoping you are getting to know enough from reading the adhesions board, there is such a wealth of info to relate to. You might need to seek a Dr that is more familiar with adhesions. You should seek more information on SprayGel, your best bet might be to wait for SprayGel to be approved by the FDA and in the mean time seek a Dr that can help you specifically with your condition. Don't be afraid to print out and take to the Drs what you find regarding your condition, a good Dr will appreciate your efforts. Did the Massage therapy help you at all?

At one point I had tried physical therapy and they did things like massage and electro therapy but it was all so painful that I didn't want to go any more. Now I find that laying in a bath tub full of hot water is often the only thing that eases the pain.

I also have to take pain pills to keep it under control. You're right about the fact that surgery at this point is not the answer, go with your 'heart's feeling' on that. If something gets bound up by the scar tissue then an operation is necessary but other wise try to steer clear for now, until SprayGel becomes available and more Drs become familiar with it.

If you have any other questions feel free to write to me, Take Care, Pain Free Hugs and Best Wishes to You and Yours, Tammy Lynn Taber

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Hi Everyone,

I have been extremely busy dealing with pain, struggling through my days. My massage therapist cannot touch me anymore. She has been able to grab some of the adhesions from my ribs but just can break them up it is to painful.

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