Extensive Scar Tissue Build Up

From: MS (manxico@hotmail.com)
Sun Apr 4 23:55:29 2004

I underwent a laperoscopy for endometriosis Last Friday. The doctors and I were convinced I had it- since I showed all classic signs. What he found shocked him. I had extensive scar tissue connecting all of my organs together. He siad nothing was where it should be or connected to what it should be... He lasered the scar tissue and put things back where they belong. I am hoping for less pain. He said that this was caused by some type of infection. I have never had surgery before and never been diagnosed with any type of STD. I have yearly paps and everything has always returned "normal." The doctor said it happened a long time ago based on the maturity of the damage. He mentioned bladder infection or kidney infection... Could this have caused extensive scarring??? Thanks!

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