First baby after Gasless-Laparoscopic for adhesions - reply to Janine

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Hi Craig;

Yes, it answers most of my questions. I think I joined the board around the time of your wife's surgery, this is how I know where and what was going on there.

I had a hard time getting pregnant with my second son (I found out during the c-section to deliver him that it was due to massive adhesions). During the pregnancy however, I only had bad reflux, etc due to him being such a big baby. My doctor stated that as the baby grows the adhesions have to stretch around the growing baby. Since it was almost 8 years ago, and I was unaware about the adhesions, I don't remember if I had any of the sharp pains that I have now with the adhesions. If I did, I'm sure I chocked them up to the baby stretching everything. It was after the delivery of my son (about 1.5 years) that the major problems began.

I have heard from many people who have gone to the doctor your wife has gone too. I don't know however if they had their surgeries before or after your wife. I do know that it came down to a 50/50 success rate, which put me on hold until I start having major problems with these adhesions, other than the excruciating pain. I would love to hear from any newbie's who have been over there lately and see how they are feeling and responding. The more information we have, the more empowered we are.

Thanks again Craig for all the info. and letting us know about the baby! You should post a photo! Send your wife all the best from us at the board!

Janine Love

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