Adhesions in Oregon

From: Barbara (
Thu Apr 1 07:29:40 2004

I was rushed to the emergency room in Oct and then the Dr cut me open and within 2 hours from the time I was admitted.

Then after 2 months to heal I felt so good and thought it is all over Im cured. Now Im in the emergency room at least 2 to 3 times a month and every time they

Want to cut me open again. The Dr that did the surgery had no idea my history because I was traveling and just got real sick and was rushed into emergency.

I had 2 C sections, Hysterectomy,gall bladder removed with appendix,adhesions removed Oct 2003. My records show all this started when I had the Hysterectomy.

My life is a mess right now and after working hard we are about to retire . I am 58 years old over weight 181 Lbs 5ft 2 tall lady who rides horses, puts up hay on our ranch and works 5am till 6PM 6 to 7 days a week.

My Dr Im using now says nothing I can do but wait until it gets real bad and then get cut open again.

My surgeon just called me and said he thinks we need to do surgery again so I asked him if he knew of any products to help in the regrowth of Adhesions

And he said he knew of a cloth they put inside of you after surgery.

I would rather do the Laporscopic surgery and not be cut open again.

Does anyone know about the clinic in Germany I would like to go there if it works.


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