Re: partial small bowel obstruction.

Thu Apr 1 07:29:25 2004

I just had emergency surgery march 10 for a small bowel obstruction. The surgery was fine and no necrotic tissue. Two weeks later, I felt fine, but the past few days I have had pain: left side, sharp pain that happens on a regular interval like labor pain; pain through the lower abdomen, and it hurts up the backside when I sit down or shift my weight. However, I'm not bloated at all- stomach perfectly flat, able to 'go'. But since I had surgery, I was worried enough to go to the hospital. They took an xray whichwas normal, and no more obstruction but a blood test showed a white count that wasnormal, but the high end of normal.That meant I should watch out for anything, but no infection was found. So I was able to go home. My biggest fear was that something had gone wrong and they'd cut me open again! They said if I get worse or feel sick, come back, but fortunately I am seeing my surgeon this week for my postop.

I still have the pain,not quite as bad,and feel blecchy. I can't figure out what happened, I was careful, didn't do anything strenuous, was eating okay, etc. Has this happened to anyone else? Once again I'm in fear of being cut open again. The pain is nowhere NEAR as bad as it was the day I was admitted, but it's uncomfortable enough.

I've been down this road already. I had a myomectomy in 1997, which is when it all started. I had adhesions removed in 1998 by laparoscopy, but since then I've had pelvic pain of one sort or another, so I'm used to it. I can't imagine what's causing this!

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