Re: adhesions

From: Terry (
Thu Apr 1 07:22:21 2004

Dont know much about Dr.s in Oregon, I had a great colo-rectal surgen in Orlando Fl. His name is Dr Williamson. I had to be rushed to the hospital 10 months after 90% of me colon had to be removed due to tumers, this time was because of adhesions. I was compleatly blocked off, in very bad shape. Before surgery, Dr Williamson had me fitted for a colostomy, when I came out of surgery, the Dr. told me he was able to fix the adhesions and no colostomy. Now its been 5 years since all that and it happened again 2 weeks ago, I was taken to the hospital with compleate blockage (I live in Texas now, Different Dr.s) This time I went into surgery expecting the same, and woke up with an llostomy. So it does look to me like looking around for a good surgen might of been a good idea, its after the fact now, the only good thing about this whole mess is that my Dr. did say this could be reveresed in 4-6 months, Its just very hard trying to adjust with a bag attached to my side, Anybody with tips making this transition easer, please let me know. Thanks and good luck Terry

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