Re: lower abdominal pain 3 mos after surgery....

From: Tonya (
Thu Apr 1 07:22:00 2004

Hi Brandy, my name is Tonya. I never thought I would see the day that someone else is going yhrough the exact same as me. I just had emergency surgery on Dec. 22 2004. Both my ovaries were covered in hemhoragic cysts.The right was the worse, so they removed the right ovary, just drained the left ovary. They said they would remove the left any the uterus as soon as they received insurance approval. When I returnd for my six week check up, the doctor felt another cyst already forming on the left. No three months and three periods later, they finally did a ct scan, BINGO!!!! There a was another hemhoragic ovarin cyst. I have my appt. for my hysterectomy consult this friday.. By the way, You probably dont have major adhesions yet , but they do start forming imediatly. God Bless You, Tonya

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> Subject: lower abdominal pain 3 mos after surgery....
> Hi, I just find this website, and i'm hoping for some answers...I had
> ovarian surgery to remove a dermoid cyst back in Dec. of last yr. in
> the process they had to remove my right ovary...I

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