Re: Thanks Chris

From: Chris (
Sat Feb 7 19:12:58 2004

Oh, I had to respond...I immediately noticed the symptoms you had were exactly the same as mine! Right after my surgery my doctor left to go on vacation and left behind a doctor who seemed to be in training. I remember asking him if I had tape on my leg because it was like I couldn't feel my skin. He said no. I asked him why I couldn't feel my skin. And he told me the same answer you got...he said maybe it was the position I was in for the 5 hour surgery. When my regular doctor was back and I saw him at my post-op visit he knew exactly what it was. He told me that some nerves must have been cut and the feeling will come back. He said that the amount of time it takes varies but chances are it will come back...and it did. I think it's possible for it not to come back, but very rare. Each time I went back to see him he measured the numb spot and you could tell it was shrinking. It was very gradual and I remember being really nervous about it because, like I said, it didn't feel like my leg, ewwww! The area was quite large too and it all came back! Yes, it did feel good to finally be validated in all I was going through which went undiagnosed for many many years. Unfortunately, I still suffer! Arg!

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