Tuesday messages will be delayed to IAS Message Board

From: Tracy (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Tue Jan 27 12:33:35 2004

Due to the virus problems today for email and internet...this is the only message that will be posted today.

Please do not send through messages to the IAS board to tell people of this virus as they will be deleted.

Your usual posts should make it through okay; they will just be delayed getting to the board. My adhesions.org email is full of virus emails and I'm scanning my pc to make sure everything is okay.

Should you be having problems with a virus and want to know how to make any necessary repairs or learn more about what the virus contains and how much havoc it can put your pc in, then go to: http://www.symantec.com or http://www.mcafee.com

Tracy Joslin
IAS Administrator

Neither the IAS, Synechion, Dr. Wiseman or any other representative offers medical advice. Always consult a qualified medical professional.

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