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Good luck with your trial, I hope it brings you the relief you're looking for.

Yes, I have experience with an implanted infusion pump. I went through a trial last December to treat intractable abdominal nerve pain. Everything else had been tried to relieve the pain, nothing worked. The trial was a success with the hospitalization and catheter providing me with a continuous low dose of Fentanyl...I can't take morphine as I'm allergic to it. It relieved my pain.

About two months later I had the permanent device implanted, a Medtronic Infusion Pump. That was in February this year. Unfortunately I had problems with the pump from the outset. I got recurrent hematomas at the site of the implant and developed almost immediate pain surrounding the implant. Each time I went for a pump refill I was in agony as the doc went through the steps to fill the unit. He had to manipulate the pump to find the port, he told me it was the most difficulty he'd ever had in providing what should have been a simple and straightforward refill. The manipulation of the pump caused me enormous pain. I dreaded those appointments.

In the end I had to have another surgery in August this year to have the unit removed. For me, the pain I had from the implant was far worse than the pain it was supposed to be relieving. We'll never know why this happened to me, it's apparently a rare occurrence, but with my history of multiple allergies it's thought I may have been allergic to one or more components of the pump.

I'm sorry mine isn't a positive story but I figured you'd want to hear both good and bad. I have known others who have had wonderful success with the pump. Hopefully you will also.

Good luck!


At Wed, 17 Dec 2003, wrote: >
>Hi everyone. Has anyone had any experience with the Implantable PCA
>pump? I am scheduled to be admitted in the hospital in Jan for a trial.
>I guess they are going to insert a catheter in my spine and titrate
>morphine untill the pain stops, and if it works then they're going to
>implant the pump via surgery. Anyone have any positive or negative
>experiences with this? Thanks All!!!
>HAppy Holidays!

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