Is this adhesions????

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Hello Lauren Some of what you are going threw, sounds like some problems I was having, oh still having, but not as much. The doctor that did my colonosomy put me on medication to help with Consipation, it is called MiraLax, it is a prescription Laxative. My doctor who did my adhesion removal, told to stay on it, the less strain on my intestine the better. Maybe you can talk to your doctor, so that you won't have to go threw this, it's no fun, and it hard on your body.

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I had an emergency c-section 4 years ago where I had extensive additional trauma and moving of my organs resulting in a severe bleeding and supplementation of 4 units of blood. I have since miscarried twice and had severe pain. The pain is not the wordt thing though. I can't go to "potty" any more. I feel like I am the Panama Canal if I can go. I block up for a week and a half and then when it finally releases I go tiny bits for 15 times in a day. Is this adhesions? Does anyone know what is wrong with me?

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