From: Cat (
Wed Dec 17 09:26:30 2003

Dear Survivor, I had the Nova Sure treatment done on November 21st. I guess I was lucky because when I woke up from the procedure I couldn't even tell I had anything done. I didn't need any pain killers and I felt normal the next day.I can't believe It was so hard on you, you poor thing.I hope you are feeling better. Cat >
>Dear Sherry,
>Hello, my dear friend, I did survive. I thought for a while that I
>would just die from the pain. It was so horrible, but I am doing much
>better today. I had lots of vomiting and nausea, but that has passed
>and I am so glad.
>Thank you for all of your prayers as I know that God was with me. I am
>glad it's over! Can't wait to see if I have a period next month!!! That
>would be great if I didn't. And no more worries about having more
>children. I already have one of my own and I'm done.
>I am very tired and am going to bed. It's late here and I still need
>some rest, but I'll write more to you tomorrow.
>Love and hugs,

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