Re: Fentenyl Patches

Sun Dec 7 09:43:02 2003

>I havce not had the patches, but I have had Fentenyl quite a few times in
>the Hospital,and I was also hooked up to a blood pressure cuff,and a
>blood oxygen monitor,to make sure I was breathing and getting enough
>oxygen. Please take Deb's advice here,even though I know it can be
>tempting to try them,and get some pain relief.

At Fri, 20 Sep 2002, wrote: >>
>>Don't want to scare you but they are as strong or stronger than morphine.
>>You need to be under a Drs. care to take those. Should you have a
reaction >>to them and any Dr. found out a friend gave them to you, the friend would
be >>in big time trouble. Also they are never given unless you have a
tolerance >>for the other opiates. They are given only after others less strong drugs
>>have been used. Please, please, be careful. I can write out exactly what
>>the drug book says, but basically you can have respiratory arrest if you
have >>no tolerance or the dose is too high. I did have them in the hospital and
>>know that they monitored my respiration's every 2 hours for the first 72
>>hours to make sure I wouldn't have respiratory problems. I would not take
>>them for sure. Be very careful.

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