Re: Has anyone tried acupuncture!

From: Ellen Eggers (
Wed Apr 30 17:18:53 2003

Dear Janie, I have tried acupuncture, and I had some degree of success with it. By "success," I don't mean that pain was eliminated completely, but it helped for a while. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (of which acupuncture is a part) seeks to create wellness in the body and spirit; this is why, I believe, it is successful for chronic pain where Western medicine often is not. The thing is, though, that acupuncture wasn't really designed to work alone. Forms of exercise, diet, and general life-style choices accompany the practice and help it to work by reinforcing the benefits. In fact, Western medicine is--as so many of us here have experienced--generally very ill-equipped to deal with pain that can't be cut out or drugged into submission. Of course, this isn't true with all medical practitioners, but it's true of too many of them. Others on the board have said that acupuncture didn't relieve the pain, but that it relaxed them. Isn't that at least some kind of improvement? Good luck with this treatment and all the best. Ellen

At Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Karen Steward wrote: >
>I have been suffering from adhesions for 18 months now which i got after my hysterectomy in 2002. within 3 months of my operation I was having terrible cramp like attacks, as many as 10 a day. My Dr. insisted that I had IBS in tried several different treatments, none of which worked. Eventually I was sent for a laparoscopy which truned into a laparotomy due to interanal bleeding. The report on the op stated that they found massive omental and blowel adhesion to thee right iliac fossa area and the anterior abdominal wall. If anyone could but this in plain english I would be so pleased!. The attacks returned within about a week, and I have been told that I will just have to put up with them as there is nothing else then can do. Yesterday I recorded 32 attacks and 27 the day before. I wake with them and go to sleep with them, the thought of having them for the rest of my life is unbearable to say the least. Someone suggested having acupunture to help with the pain, I have my first appointment on the 5th May, has anyone tried this avenue, I would be delighted to hear from anybody, with any suggestions advice of any sort. Pain killers every four hours every day cannot be the only answer.
>Kind regards

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