does anyone have any suggstions?

From: AnnMarie (
Mon Apr 28 23:16:27 2003

i know Dawn Rose has been VERY helpful, and has made a suggestion of a very nice and understanding uro/gyno, whoknows about adhesions. only problem is he isnt at a hopspital that me or my mom are familuar with. I have been yo mass generl(for my neuro problems ) in boston,and new england medical center ( for pain manement.) and because i have been on percocet for so long ( about 7 months ) it isnt workin anymore more. my urologist even up my dosage to 2 every 6 hours but it still wears off after 2-3 hours. so I called my pcp and told him about this and he told me he needs to send me to a pain clinic,but its so hard because I am in pain now, and so far any pain clinic I have tried to get into cant get me in anytime soon, and i'm so fusterated. my pain is getting out ofcontrol, and I feel like my pcp should do somthing, anything untill I can get to a pain clinic. my gyno and uro are in boston and that about 45 min to an hour from where I live, and in order for them to give me something for my pain, I would need to have my mom take a day off of work, and spend and hour on the train because u cant call that stuff into a pharmacy. I mean dont get me wrong I agree that I should be going to a pain clinic,but that might notbe right away. anyways sorry to blab on and on ( I'm in so much pain, an soooo fusterated.) I was wondering if anyone knew of any understanding and compassinate pain clinics near haverhill mass or at mass generl hospital. I lost Dawns Rose's e-mail adress so if anyone has it , that would be great too.

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