Back From Germany

From: Laura (
Sun Apr 27 13:31:28 2003

To all you fellow long term suffers of the SNEAKY MECHANICAL DISORDER called adhesions; I am back from Germany. Dr. K. did my adhsiolysis. I had surgery in the US last Nov, and an OBGYN removed adhesions in my pelvis (from peritonitis) but he saw a mass in the ULQ (upper L quad) and was afraid to deal with it (even tho he had assured me that he could deal with any thing in the ABD cavity.) Those pelvic adhesions apparently did not come back., but DR, K. found a very large mass that included an (old) ruptured spleen wrapped up with small bowel and omentum that stuck to my rid cage for about 6 inches. This mass was pulling the spleen and ribs together. I could not lay down for about 10 years, sleeping sitting up. I could not take a deep breath and had a loud friction rub left lung. I also had all the bowel back up symptoms and assotiated long term complications from that ( most of which appear resolved after this recent surgery). Don't let any one tell you that you are depressed, or that diet exercise etc. will cure you. Most of us have tried all that anyway out of desperation as well as many other things, and just became even more discouraged when that failed to really help. These blind alleys make you doubt yourself. The cruelest thing of all the MANY tests they do here (and waste thousands of dollars doing) is that they can serve to confuse you, but the Docs know that adhesions don't show up on them. If they want to do yet another small bowel series, ask yourself if you have problems with fluid going down as you walk., or do you have problems with solid food going thru, especially after lying down after dinner? Consider all the tests, and nuclear med. and then think of me... I was labeled cardiac and got every possible work up including cardiac cath and was even told I might have to have my pericardium removed. Bullshit. All the while I kept saying I think I have adhesions. As a nurse, I had patients with peritonitis, and alot of them got adhesions. The mistake I made was suffering in silence (only my hu8sband really knew how bad it was). When tests come up neg. you really don't want the Docs to think you are a wimp, or even worse,a hypochondriac,menoppausal,depressed feamale with stomach problems!! Think of adhesions like any other mechanical prorlem, only they can affect many body functions and organs and will not go away by themselves and so they must be dellt with. As a patient, I had sucess with Dr. K. and I highly recommend him and his wonderful nurses. I am wishing a cure for all of you, ALOHA, LAURA GRAY RN

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