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From: Sue (
Fri Apr 25 14:49:12 2003

it's like that commercial, I found out, and told 2 people, and they TOLD 2 people, and so on and so on..........I am committed to finding a place CLOSE to me, since travel is not an option, and I KNOW ALREADY it is much needed right in my HOME TOWN!


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> Kristie, > I'm so sorry that is how you feel. Please forgive us our excitment!! It > all was never intended to be a sarcastic infomercial, or to make anyone > feel bad. Far from it!! It is all excitement for finally winning the > battle against adhesions. We all wish this for everyone, and if you > can't make it to Germany,believe me we do understand, we want you to see > it as HOPE for your future, there is something that can make you > adhesion free! It will be a long while before it is approved here, and > then you will need to find a surgeon that has the ability and knowledge > needed to preform it correctly, and then there is the AbdoLift... But > you see that is HOPE, and for so many that's all they have, but it's so > important!! Many come to the IAS to find hope when all feels so lost, I > was one of them. We all remember being at "point A", that is something > I know I won't forget, ever... But you see for us that have dealt with > this, for so long there was never a "point B", and now there is!! We're > all excited, we mean no harm. > This is certainly the place to come and vent, cry, find answers and ALOT > of information! That is where it starts, knowledge, so you can make the > right decisions for you and your health. We are here to help, that is > why we remain part of this board even though we no longer suffer from > adhesion pain, in many instances it has saved lives, mine included, > there is hope we are here to help you, anytime! So please forgive us we > did not want you to feel uncomfortable. But by all means stay here and > learn, make new friends that understand where you are coming from!! > Okay? > Lisa >

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