Re: Waiting for response from Nestle on Omega 3

From: Nina (
Thu Apr 24 19:45:10 2003

Was born 1 1/2 months preemie weighing in a little over 2 lbs. Guess I came out a little bit of a fiesty fighter ;) Have also learned from a lifetime of experience to be highly educated in what is going on medically. We are our best advocates. Also have this brain that questions everything from a million angles and never tends to shut off. Not all MD's appreciate these qualities, and it's a pain at 2am let me tell you, but I firmly believe it is one of the reasons I am still here today.

Everyone said that It couldn't be done, But she with a chuckle replied, That maybe It couldn't, but she would be one, Who wouldn't say so til she'd tried. So she buckled right in, with the trace of a grin On her face. If she worried she hid it, She started to sing, As she tackled the thing, That couldn't be done. And she did It.

have a good night, Nina

At Thu, 24 Apr 2003, winged phantom wrote: >
>Cool, Nina. You're really on the ball! Wouldn't it be great if you just
>solved the mysteries of adhesions? Better get a liscense on it! lol
>At Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Nina wrote:
>>Just contacted Nestle Nutritionals in England. Waiting for an email
>>back. Asked if there has been any evidence to show that TGF-B2 would
>>help with our situation, and if so what would be a clinically beneficial
>>amount and where can we get it. The supplement for people w/ Chrohns is
>>300 kcal per 8 oz, w/ a theraputic dose being 2-4 servings a day for
>>Chrohns. That's an awful lot of extra kcal. Boyfriend has horrendous
>>Chrohns and AS and says it tastes just like milk. Supposedly the
>>hormone is from unpasturized milk and cow colestrum, yummy. Wonder if
>>we can't get it somehow in pill form. The liquid supplement also
>>requires MD supervision, which an MD most likely will not agree to w/out
>>a clinical trial proving eficacy in abdominal adhesions. Also asked if
>>they felt Omega3 would help, recommended clinical dose, and how to
>>obtain that.
>>We'll wait and see how much of this info they can give us w/ out being
>>bound up legally.
>>At Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Sue wrote:
>>>All I can say, is I read something that after a lap, the adhesions can
>>>reform and attach in 7-10 days, I have a lap done in march and had 10 days
>>>will no pain, now they are back. it is very frustration.
>>>I would like to look up more info on this fatty Omegas Hey I will try
>>>anything that may help!

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>>>Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 4:24 PM
>>>Subject: Omega-3 fatty Acids
>>>> OK, so I am the new kid on the block, and have a question that I could
>>>> not find an answer to while searching the database. Seems to me that
>>>> all our adhesions are, in simplest terms, is an uncontrolled and
>>>> exagerated inflammatory response. For whatever reason our bodies are
>>>> saying, hey, there's something we have to heal here. If this is the
>>>> case has anybody had any luck with Omega-3 Fatty Acid (EPA)
>>>> supplementation to help reduce the inflammatory response? Studies show
>>>> it helps in some types of arthritis. Another micro is TGF-B2 (don't ask
>>>> me where it can be gotten in sole supplement form) that is known to
>>>> significantly decrease the inflammatory response in people with Chrohns,
>>>> not only in the GI tract but also in those w/ AS in the ligaments and
>>>> connective tissue strictures.
>>>> Has anybody had any luck with oral micro supplementation as an attempt
>>>> to control the source of the growth? Or am I just dreaming a simple
>>>> dream?
>>>> I also read somewhere that prophelactic use of antihistimines, steroids,
>>>> and anti-inflammatories can help inhibit growth. Has anybody had any
>>>> luck with this method. My concern is being only 2 weeks post lap I want
>>>> to be as proactive as possible WITH PROVEN METHODS in heping to minimize
>>>> future growth. Seems to me the method my OB suggested of placing me
>>>> into early menopause really hasn't worked well for most that are writing
>>>> in.
>>>> Thank you all for your patience with all my questions,
>>>> Nina
>I have no history of abdom. surgery; have had a few cysts
>Fall 2002- extreme pain and constant bloating
>1/2/03- laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and D&C
>2/12/03- TAH/BSO for adhesions caused by non-symptomatic
>endometriosis (only dx'ed on pathology report)
>Now?- rigid belly; abdominal pain, tenderness and
>bloating; plus continuing bowel problems likely caused
>by new adhesions

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