Waiting for response from Nestle on Omega 3

From: Nina (jeanninemonfre@yahoo.com)
Thu Apr 24 16:14:54 2003

Just contacted Nestle Nutritionals in England. Waiting for an email back. Asked if there has been any evidence to show that TGF-B2 would help with our situation, and if so what would be a clinically beneficial amount and where can we get it. The supplement for people w/ Chrohns is 300 kcal per 8 oz, w/ a theraputic dose being 2-4 servings a day for Chrohns. That's an awful lot of extra kcal. Boyfriend has horrendous Chrohns and AS and says it tastes just like milk. Supposedly the hormone is from unpasturized milk and cow colestrum, yummy. Wonder if we can't get it somehow in pill form. The liquid supplement also requires MD supervision, which an MD most likely will not agree to w/out a clinical trial proving eficacy in abdominal adhesions. Also asked if they felt Omega3 would help, recommended clinical dose, and how to obtain that.

We'll wait and see how much of this info they can give us w/ out being bound up legally.

At Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Sue wrote: >
>All I can say, is I read something that after a lap, the adhesions can
>reform and attach in 7-10 days, I have a lap done in march and had 10 days
>will no pain, now they are back. it is very frustration.
>I would like to look up more info on this fatty Omegas Hey I will try
>anything that may help!

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>> OK, so I am the new kid on the block, and have a question that I could
>> not find an answer to while searching the database. Seems to me that
>> all our adhesions are, in simplest terms, is an uncontrolled and
>> exagerated inflammatory response. For whatever reason our bodies are
>> saying, hey, there's something we have to heal here. If this is the
>> case has anybody had any luck with Omega-3 Fatty Acid (EPA)
>> supplementation to help reduce the inflammatory response? Studies show
>> it helps in some types of arthritis. Another micro is TGF-B2 (don't ask
>> me where it can be gotten in sole supplement form) that is known to
>> significantly decrease the inflammatory response in people with Chrohns,
>> not only in the GI tract but also in those w/ AS in the ligaments and
>> connective tissue strictures.
>> Has anybody had any luck with oral micro supplementation as an attempt
>> to control the source of the growth? Or am I just dreaming a simple
>> dream?
>> I also read somewhere that prophelactic use of antihistimines, steroids,
>> and anti-inflammatories can help inhibit growth. Has anybody had any
>> luck with this method. My concern is being only 2 weeks post lap I want
>> to be as proactive as possible WITH PROVEN METHODS in heping to minimize
>> future growth. Seems to me the method my OB suggested of placing me
>> into early menopause really hasn't worked well for most that are writing
>> in.
>> Thank you all for your patience with all my questions,
>> Nina

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