Re: Giant bruises appearing again

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Apr 24 14:05:01 2003

At Tue, 22 Apr 2003, wrote: >
>About a month ago I sneezed really hard and ended up with a bruise in my
>lower right side. The intense pain that followed the pain eventually
>dissipated. This morning, after a rough night with pain, I woke up with
>giant bruises all over my stomach. They cover the entire area from 4 inches
>above the belly button down to below the hair line. The pain today is
>incredible and not helped at all with oxycontin & lortab. Has anyone ever
>had such bruising? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Dear Kathleen, Wow, I've never heard of that. Do you have a good
doctor? Maybe you should research doctors in your area and get a
couple of opinions. I'm sorry I don't have any light to shed on
your awful brusies. I've had them before but there have been reasons,
not just sneezing. But it sounds like a doctor's visit might shed some
light on the subject plus blood tests that will show if you have elevated
protein levels which might indicate general inflamation in your abdomen.
Good luck and let us know. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg

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