Re: Short-acting vs. long acting pain meds

From: Kristie (
Thu Apr 24 11:44:11 2003

Hi Joyce, IHAVE to take my oxycotin 3 times a day. Even if I don't hurt. That is what pain therapy is. A pain clinic will tell you, to take the meds even if you don't hurt. That way the pain never get a head of itself. Don't get me wrong, I hate taking these drugs. I hate it. I hate the pharmacy people looking at me like I am a grandma junkie. I hate the fact that friends and family know about them. But if I don't take them. I becaome a wreck with pain. There is habituaited and addicted. Either way, I doubt you would ever rob a bank to get to these drugs. Even though I am new, I have to through in my two cents worth once in a while. thanks....Kristie.. Good luck Joyce....

At Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Joyce wrote: >
>Has anyone on here switched from say vicoden, 2 or 3 a day that only
>brings relief for a few hours and it's up and down all day, to a long
>lastng patch or oxycontin? I have not wanted to do this, I think for the
>fear of having to accept my condition is just not getting better. I
>keep telling my PCP, "I think I'm getting better and will probably not
>need these meds much longer" I'm constantly doing new things to fight
>this, what I strongly believe is adhesions from transverse colon to
>diaphragm on left side, maybe even spleen. Right now I'm in physical
>therapy with a great therapist, (if p.t. can help, she would be able to
>help me. I've seen about 5 other p.t.'s and she's the only one that
>addresses the true area of pain.) She stretches what she says feels like
>they could very well be adhesions. So I think if I keep getting this
>done, I'll have to get better. Well, I'm sitting here typing this in
>more pain than I was in before P.T. I've been going about 2 months now
>and I don't want to give it up because the exercise makes me feel in
>control at least and of all of my doctors, surgeons, etc., she has cared
>more than any of them, along with my PCP. And giving up the p.t. means
>having to say, "well, that's one more thing that did not work". Anyway,
>I was wondering if the long-acting pain meds help you have a better
>quality of life. Right now I mainly take my pain meds to help me
>through work and avoid taking them on weekends so I do not get addicted.
>But this means I do nothing on weekends but lay around with an ice pack
>or tens unit or anyone of them other things that's 'supposed' to help.
>It's no quality of life whatsoever, but I do realize I'm very fortunate
>to still be able to work, as I really love my job.
>Pain-free thoughts to everyone,

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