Re: Short-acting vs. long acting pain meds

Sat Apr 26 11:05:57 2003

Joyce, I wanted to respond to your med medication question. First I want to say I understand how you are feeling about the pain meds. I use to take pain meds that I needed to retake every every 4 to 6 hours and was on that for at least a year,I went to pain management and he put me on morphine 2 times a day, he had that he prefers that or other meds that are long acting because you do not have to take as much and because it slowly releases over 12hours it controls the pain better. I went though the feelings of this is the end of the road because I was on a strong medication but after a while I came to terms with it and now I can do things I could not do before, I work full time and I have been working for almost 2 years now, my couch or bed is not the only place I am, and most importantly I can do special things with my kids. It is not easy I still have break thoug pain and take a different med for that. I will also said it still is hard to accept my pain, I went to the one of the best pain clinic around and was told that there was not much more that could be done and I cried like a baby because I have also held on to hope that someday someone will find a cure and everyone who suffers will be helped, I still hold onto that hope but until that day comes I want to be able to live life and be able to do the little things I could not do before I started the medication. I hope this helps, it is are but if it is going to help do it. crm

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