Re: Any adhesiolysis success stories?

From: Karen Carter (
Mon Apr 21 13:06:42 2003

Hi AnnMarie:

I am sorry you have been through so much at such a very young age. I can't believe you have had 23 surgeries in such a short period of life. I can only pray for you and wish you the best in all your health issues. In the mean time, to answer your questions, I am 45 years old and have endured 9 surgeries over my life time. I had my last adhesiolysis on Feb 20th with Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart in PA. It is my second surgery with those wonderful surgeons. I am not on any pain meds at all. I live in Woodbridge, VA. You can read my story on the quilt under Karen L. Carter. I wish you the best and let me know when you are having your surgery. I was an outpatient for this last surgery. I went back to the hotel in the early afternoon of the same day surgery. It's about a 5 hour drive from Virginia to there. Please stay in touch and write personally if you wish. I wish you all the best and pain free days ahead.

Karen Carter

At Sun, 20 Apr 2003, AnnMarie wrote: > >Hi I was readin your message posted a while back on the adhesion web >site and was wondering about your surgery with Dr. Gerhart. I am 18 >years old and from massan have had 23 surgeries for numerous thing >raging from ovarian cysts to brain surgery ( I have fluid on the brain >and a vp shunt in my head that gets infected alot.) I a looking to go to >PA this summerto have my adhesions removed because i want my life back >without havin to ake narcotics every da that dont even hlp mch anymore. >Did u goto PA to have ur surgery? where are you from? how longwee u in >the hospital for your surgry? and do u still need to take pan meds fo >your pain ? was just wondering if u could tell me as much as possible >about this. Thanks in advance. > AnnMarie > >At Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Karen Carter wrote: >> >>Hi Nancy; >> >>Please read my story on the quilt (Karen Carter). I am a success story. >>I had my surgery in PA, March 2001, with Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart. The >>only pain I have is, a few twinges every now and again. Nothing even to >>compare to what I had experienced in the past. Please feel free to >>email me >>personally or post to the board any questions you may have. God Bless, >>and >>pain free days to all my ARD Friends. >> >>-- >>Karen Carter >>

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