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Thu Apr 17 11:39:28 2003

Dear Sue, Wow...thanks so much. Last month I went to a surgeon, and he told me he thought I had a hernia. Now I don't think I do. I thought I was going looney tunes about this crampy things. Do they happen just in your abdomen? I have them all over lately. I don't know if you remember but some doctor's think I have MS or maybe Lupis. Although other's dont. So I thought thee were related. But I think the abdomen's are totally adhesions. You helped me so much.. Thanks.....

At Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Sue wrote: >
>Kristi, I can answer about the "Charley horse, I get it grabbing me in the
>upper right , (in front of liver) and every once in a while it will move to
>the center a bit. these were my exact words to my dr. it feels like a
>"Charley horse ,muscle spasm, and it is not fun! like a grabbing hand, that
>squeezes and twists!. I had surgery 3 weeks ago, and she SAW it, and took a
>picture, she said the other adhesions were not near like this one, .. it
>waslike a ROPE! thick , strong, she had a heck of a time cutting it, well,
>I was pain free about 10 days, .. now that ONE is back...all the other spots
>are blissfully pain free, but this one is definately there, like it was
>never cut.
>hope this helps you. I went through thinking it was tumors, cause I;d get a
>lump, an actually lump..the dr even thought it was a hernia. but it was
>not, it was all adhesions.
>Good luck.
>Sue R in Ohio

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>> Hi....I am sorry but I can't find Dr Reich's email address on here. I
>> would like his opinion on someone I can go to.
>> Also...anyone ever have like "charly horses" in there abdomen? Where you
>> actually cramp like that? A bad muscle pull?
>> Thanks....
>> Kristie
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>> Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

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