weight loss

From: Koolinsask@aol.com
Mon Apr 14 22:18:14 2003

Hello to all, has anyone lost weight from having had endo? I have had 9 surgeries, in a relatively short period of time, and I have endo, and suffer from bowel problems, mostly constipation. Also, I have a extremely high stress levels in my life, and have for a while now. Everyone is giving me the creeps, telling me how terrible I look, how withdrawn and skinny i look! Yet my doctor, doesn't seem to be concerned. He say's yes, I could stand to gain a few pounds, but it's not happening, blood work is fine, or at least it was. I am very tired steady, and i eat well, it's not like i don't eat! Any input is greatly appreciated, as i am getting super scared. I am 34 with one 8 yr old son.


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