I'm new and need some help/advice

From: AnnMarie (sweetlilqt913@aol.com)
Mon Apr 14 22:15:13 2003

Hi I have been commin on this web site recently to read any info I can find on pelvic adhesions. I"m 18 years old, and have had 22 surgeries. I was born with fluid on the brain and had to have a vp shunt put in me whne I was 5 weeks old, that I will have for the rest of my life, and most of my surgeries have been either been on my shunt ( which goes from my head into my stomache ) and gyno problems such as ovarian cysts, scar tissue from all my surgeries, and pelvic pain. I got my first period when I had just turned 10, and since then I have had increasing pelvic pain. Due to all the scar tissue and only having one ovay left becomming pregnant some day will be a challange.I lke most of you feel so drained that i dont have the energy or feel well enough to do the things normal 18 year olds do. Up untill now, my gyno has perscribe pain meds ( ie: vicodon, percocet ect.) but he doesnt feel comfertable prescribing them to me anymore due to my age and the risks. so i went to see a pain manegment clinic and will NEVEr go back. They were really mean, and told me that they were leaving to go to another hospital in june so there wasnt much they could do. I am now also seeing a urologist because the doctors found out through a cystoscopy I have I.C on my bladder also( just what i need more things to add to my pain) when i had my lapaotomy and laposcopies the gyno told me my whole pelivs( bladder, ovary, fallopian tube,bowels evrything.) was incase in scar tissue which was probably what was causing my pain, and now they told me I also have I.C on my bladder. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good pain mangement in or near the Boston area. I REALLY need any help or info I can get if ANYONE can help please E-mail me or leave a message for me my screen name is SWEETLILQT913@aol.com Thanks so much for reading my story AnnMarie


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