new med question

From: Kristie (
Sun Apr 13 18:49:19 2003

Dawn, Jenny, Susan.... and ALL of you out there....I have been on my knee's so many times ask God to help me. Although I don't understand yet why this is happening...I do want you to know how much all of you mean to me. I have come to depend on this board and appreciate all what you people have been through......I live through it too, so I can appreciate it. I have new questions now.....

How long...or ...what is the longest any of you have been on high pain Oxycotin. My doc's took me off vicodin, and I want to know how long a person can live on these. My doctor is great...but vauge about this. And so are all the other doctor's I have talked to.

There is another question I thought of....but I can't think of it now. It's been a bad day pain wise....maybe later.

Love and hugs Kristie

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