Major Hyster Surgery Complications/ Questions

From: Steph (
Sun Apr 13 18:10:18 2003

HI everyone,

I just learned about this site and I am trying to connect with other women who have had major complications from TAH. My story is kinda scary, so I would recommend pre Op women read no further.

On 3/17 I had a TAH, leaving one ovary do to major pelvic pain and stage 4 endo. Surgery went rough as I woke to extreme pain that the pain meds were not able to touch. After 9 hours of screaming, I finally calmed down. Three days later, my blood level dropped to a 6, I had a fever and I continued in extreme pain. The Dr said that I was probably bleeding inside and I needed to have another surgery. 3/20 I went in for another surgery to stop what he refered to as Ozzing. My endo spots did not clot and I was ozzing all over my insides. I was also bleeding from the area that he seperated my bowl to remove all the endo. I had to have a transfusion, continued to run a fever and continued with pain. They sent me home on Sunday. By Wend, I attempted to have a bowl movement at home and all heck broke lose. I had to be rushed back to the ER, they ran more tests that I can count and alas I landed back in surgery that night, saying I had developed adhesions inside, all over. I woke to a drain in my left side, another incision going from my belly button down and stayed in the hospital for ten days. When they pulled the drain I ended up with a bump in the area it hung. It has not gone away and the Dr said it might be there forever. I'm only 35. Any help or any experiences that were difficult I'd really appreciate hearing from you. It's been very hard, my spirits are down and I still hurt. I am finally home, now with BM problems.

Thank you so much, YOu can email me directly at


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