Re: germany????? lck

From: heather (
Sat Apr 12 13:05:54 2003

I've wondered the same thing. There is not possible way for me too go to Germany for treatment. I'm a college student, mother and wife, so income is limited.


At Sat, 12 Apr 2003, lck wrote: > >I imagine it has something to do with the American attitude that our >doctors are superior in all ways... There must be some surgeons who >want to do things the way they're done in Germany. > >As for recommending Germany to me - I have to laugh at anybody who >thinks that could ever be an option for me to find out & fix my >problem... >I'm single, now unemployed BECAUSE of being in pain (& with no >diagnosis, I'm left with no income whatsoever)... I'm paying for my own >insurance now with what little money I have left. >And I'm getting worried now that my insurance won't even pay to find out >what's wrong with me... much less fix it... from what I've been >hearing, insurance often doesn't cover this affliction. And if it does, >the surgeon I will have to go to probably will be SORELY lacking any >experience or proper techniques. > >And when I hear people saying that the only place to have this type of >problem fixed is Germany - I'm actually wondering if my life is ever >going to be worth living again. > >Is there ANYBODY here who's had successful treatment of adhesions in the >US? > >At Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Kristie wrote: >> >>Hi...I have a question.....Can't some doctor go visit with the Dr K in >>Germany and learn what he is doing? Seem's to is a no brainer >>that over 600 people from this quilt would be his patients......just >>wondering. >>Kristiee

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