being correct??????

From: fawn (
Thu Apr 10 19:11:36 2003

im sitting here wondering why they create forums. i thought forums were created so people could learn things from others, you know the things, that our doctor seemed to forget to tell us.

i dont know about you all, but in my eyes my doctor betrayed me..along with my body..iv learned more talking to you then he ever told me. but he is the past and now i, we had to begin and continue to heal from all this.

so if one day , i type something that is not allowed, then so be it. im human just like everybody else. everybody deals with things differently, thats why we're here to listen to one another. to show support etc.

because lets face it.. if your not living it or lived it... you have no idea what this feels like.

i dont know miss cindy , but i would have loved to have been greeted by her.


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