Re: 20-year-old youngun' with uncooperative innards has some questions...

From: Dawn (
Wed Apr 9 04:35:29 2003

Dear JJ, Welcome back. Sorry to hear they are back attcha again. I will try to repost some info that Helen posted about low residue diet. You should contact you state board of health to find about free care or free clinics in your area. Call a social worker at the hospital where you had your last surgery and ask if they can offer you guidance as to getting health care. Tell folks what state you live in and maybe there will be more help available to you. As for SSI, it can be done but it took me a comission based lawyer and taking it to the hearing level...I know you have to put so much into the system before you can qualify to recieve funds. Just some quick thoughts. Please fell free to contact me anytime if I can be of assistance. Warmest wishes, Dawn

>Howdy folks,
>It's been about a year since I last visited the site (because my health
>has been halfway decent), but I'm having another flareup and find myself
>yet again in search of answers.
>Quick history: 5 surgeries (3 laparascopics, 2 laparatomies)
>I read about a low-residue diet in a patient testimonial and was curious
>what it entails? I also was curious if there's any links to specialists
>in the country? And last, but not least, I'm a poor single white girl
>with no health insurance (I'm an independent aircraft mechanic who
>subcontracts my services), so I'm flirting with the idea of applying for
>disability (since my work is getting to be very difficult) and was
>wondering how feasible it is for an ARD sufferer to receive disability?
>Are there any financial assistance programs available for people like me
>who desperately need treatment? Both parents are deceased, only child
>and no family, so trying to get on a relative's insurance is not an
>Sounds like I've interrogated y'all pretty well...looking forward to any
>Hugs to all with sticky guts,

I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider me a new friend.

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