Re: Up at night???

Sun Apr 6 23:19:27 2003

Hi Jenny, How have you been doing lately? I really appreciate you writing me back. I too am a christian. I just recently went and saw a pain specialist who prescribed me pain medication called : NEURONTIN - 100 mg 3 times a day. It seems to help me quite alot actually. I know right now I have adhesions again, and it sometimes is painful to eat. Dr. Reich has e-mailed me back saying the type of surgery that I need takes up to 4-8 hrs of more, depending on how bad the adhesions are. I have insurance, but it is just HMO and it won't cover his surgery for me. I am trying to postpone having any more surgery. I am eating soft foods that are mashed and seemed to handle that pretty well. I am up late tonight, until the pain med kicks in. I just want to thank-you for being a friend and writing to me. It is a good feeling to know that I am not alone in all of this. Thank-you Jenny! Love & Hugs, Dalene

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