Angie...Re: sweats, pain and tingling (TO: KRISTI )

From: Jenny (
Thu Apr 3 01:44:42 2003

Dear Angie,

You are in my prayers as well.

Love and hugs, Jenny

At Wed, 2 Apr 2003, wrote: >
> Hey sweety, we are like lie, I was reading over your
>letter & was shocked. I have had endomtreosis & adhesions since the age of
>16, I am no 37, & have had 14 abdominal surgeries,
>all but two were because of adhesions.....Anyways the past year has been
>mortal h--!!!!!!!!!!! They thought I had a stroke, but while I was in the
>hospital they did a MRI and now think its MS, because I have all the
>dymylnation & the white matter lesions,,.,,also something about lesions in
>the cervical area..........well because I really been hurting so bad I havent
>been doing NOTHING because it hurts to move &when you do you pay the next
>day,,,,,,Well my kneees & hands
>have been hurting so bad with all this I mean cant hardly stand on my knees
>they are so painful, same with my hands cant hardly use
>them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well make all this short my ct scans came back on
>the knees & hands & they are saying nowI have some sort of tumor in my knee&
>they are affraid it may be cancer!!!!!!!!!!! My hands also some problem
>withstuff showing up on the bones, they have to rule out the bone cancer, so
>off to a orthopedic surgeon I as if we dont have enough
>problems, well I just wanted to let you know your not alone, & its
>like,"WHATS NEXT"??????? Well bless you & have a, well have the best night
>possible, your in my prayers.....
> Angie
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