Re: sweats, pain and tingling (TO: KRISTI )

Wed Apr 2 20:56:50 2003

Kristi, Hey sweety, we are like lie, I was reading over your letter & was shocked. I have had endomtreosis & adhesions since the age of 16, I am no 37, & have had 14 abdominal surgeries, all but two were because of adhesions.....Anyways the past year has been mortal h--!!!!!!!!!!! They thought I had a stroke, but while I was in the hospital they did a MRI and now think its MS, because I have all the dymylnation & the white matter lesions,,.,,also something about lesions in the cervical area..........well because I really been hurting so bad I havent been doing NOTHING because it hurts to move &when you do you pay the next day,,,,,,Well my kneees & hands have been hurting so bad with all this I mean cant hardly stand on my knees they are so painful, same with my hands cant hardly use them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well make all this short my ct scans came back on the knees & hands & they are saying nowI have some sort of tumor in my knee& they are affraid it may be cancer!!!!!!!!!!! My hands also some problem withstuff showing up on the bones, they have to rule out the bone cancer, so off to a orthopedic surgeon I as if we dont have enough problems, well I just wanted to let you know your not alone, & its like,"WHATS NEXT"??????? Well bless you & have a, well have the best night possible, your in my prayers..... Angie My e-mail

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