sweats, pain and tingling

From: Kristie (extrafeetmom@yahoo.com)
Tue Apr 1 20:41:50 2003

I am learning amazing things on here. I really thought I was the only one going through all this and that everyone thought I was crazy. I have a big question now though...why am I having sweats? Seems you do to? Is it the meds? And I either strave myself or crave junk. My wieght is up and down. Any idea's. I like my pain doctor. He is the only one that will really help me. But I am getting more advice from you people. One more biggie...I am on the fence between having lupis or MS..any of you people have tingling, "pins and needles" on your legs and arms? My blood test show postivie for anti DNA. And I have spots on my frontal lobe for my MRI's. I don't want to have more than one medical problem. So if someone here can help me with this...I would really appreciate it.

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