still in germany

From: Lisa (
Wed Jul 31 13:05:11 2002

Hello Everyone. I have been getting bits & pieces of what is happening on the board. I wanted to post to tell you all that I did not feel any "push" to come to Germany. It was a decision I made myself and persued it myself. All though I feel I made an excellent decision and will absolutely encourage others to follow me here to see Dr. Kruschinski and get the benefits of his expertise, his skill, his compassion, gasless laparoscopy and of course the SPRAYGEL! I completely understand othersī needs to persue what is available in the US in there search for even a few months of living pain free. But when sraygel has been proven to be so effective in completely wiping out adhesions after an adhesiolysis, I personally think, why not go for the best and be done with the nasty things and live your life pain-free, not just a few months! On my second look. I am adhesion free and will remain that way unless I have more surgery or trauma to my abdomain as adhesions form within 3 hours to 72 hours after surgery. After that no new ones form they just begin to strengthen and become more dense. I hope what I have said makes sense and fits in with what has been going on the board. Like I said Iīve only got bits and peices. My husband and I are in the vacation part of our trip to Germany. I do want to add that just because I am adhesion free (still hard to believe) I will remain a part of this board to be of any help to anyone that needs it, all you need to do is ask. This board is (and always will be) a big part of who I am. I donīt know where I would be if I had not found this site. I consider you all friends and hope you feel the same. Until next time - all my love Lisa


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