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From: Tammy (
Mon Jul 29 09:16:08 2002

Hi Chris, Gee I really hate to see you in so much pain with so many symptoms that I can relate to. I am pretty new here too. I just came on a couple of weeks ago. I have a long history of adhesions, over 17 years ago I had the surgery that started it all. I am an incredible fighter though, and despite the odds I still brought three beautiful children into the world, now they drive me nuts, but they help me out a lot, and they keep me here on Earth. I also went to college and earned a degree and got a really good job, then I got sick again, sometimes the pain hit me while standing and I really did pass out, twice, (thankfully, for my pride, both times were in my own home). In 2000 I had a complete hystorectomy due to sever abdominal adhesions. I was like "ok it has to hurt worse to get better, so I had the damn hystorectomy" Well it never did get better, in fact it got so much worse that it wiped my out totally this time. I had to go on disability, which I have been on for over a year, with no hope of returning back to work until SprayGel becomes available. More operations lead to more adhesions. I was taking Oxycotin until my Gall Bladder died, that is when I started having pain in my back and when I ate I got sharp pains just below where the rib cage meets. So I had to have the Gall Bladder removed. I have been taking Hydrocodon (sp?) pretty steady for the last six months, it helps but it is not long lasting like the oxycotin. I hate taking all/any off the pills, so I have nothing nice to say about any of them. Now I am just blabbling and I havn't answered any of your questions. Like I said I am new here, just wanted you to know that you are not alone, hope this offered some support. God Bless and Take Care of You Tammy Lynn

At Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Robin M wrote: >
>Dear Christine
>I also have lower back pain, just started a few months ago, but, I think
>mine is lack of use. I think that I have lost the muscle mass in my
>lower back, so it is like working out too long the first time you go to
>a gym, but worse.
>My pelvic pain is worse when I am up & do anything. It also gets worse
>sitting for too long.
>It sounds like maybe the adhesions are stuck to your intestines & that
>is why the pain is worse when you eat & less when you don't eat. My
>pain will ease up if I just lay around & do nothing.
>You havent taken vicodin for long. If you try to come off of it too
>fast, you might have a reaction to it. I have taken vicodin for most of
>4 years now. I have come off of it a few times, after I have had
>surgery. Coming off any medication, should be done slowly to help with
>any withdrawl symptoms.
>Surgery could help with adhesions, BUT, you have to make sure it is done
>with a surgeon that has the qualifications to do it. If you have it
>with a non expert, you will have adhesions return. Spray Gel, that is
>being using in Germany now seems to be the best thing so far. I have
>had Seprafilm & Intergel used on me & I still have adhesions. Although
>Intergel did help me a great deal.
>I hope I have answered all your questions, if not, ask again. You also
>can email me.
>robin M
>At Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Christine Lake wrote:
>>Hi everyone! I've only been here a few days, so I have a lot to learn,
>>and I'm sure a lot of these questions have been asked before. You've
>>all been so caring and wonderful, so I'm hoping for some answers. Here
>>are my questions:
>>1) I have low back and pelvic pain that worsens when I start moving
>>around and doing stuff, and it's especially painful when I eat. Does
>>anyone experience this?
>>2) Does it make sense that it's adhesions causing the pain?
>>3) Could it still be adhesions even though the pain lessens and will
>>sometimes go completely away when I don't eat and have been still for a
>>4) Are there ANY tests out there that can diagnose adhesions without
>>5) I've been taking 3 Vicodin ES a day for almost 3 months now. Could
>>this be contributing to my pain?
>>6) Now that I've been taking Vicodin so long, could I be more sensitive
>>to pain?
>>7) When I've been standing for a while at work I start to get back pain
>>that a little higher and I feel like I'm going to pass out. It
>>continues to hurt when I walk around, but I don't feel faint. Only when
>>I'm standing for a few minutes. Does anyone experience this?
>>8) Is surgery really the answer to release adhesions? Has this worked
>>for anyone? What keeps the adhesions from growing back? Have other
>>alternatives worked for anyone?
>>9) Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I go off of the Vicodin
>>completely? If yes, how bad would they be?
>>That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I will have more. Thanks
>>so much for your help!!
>>Christine Lake

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