Pelvic Adhesions from several surgeries:

From: anonymous (
Mon Jul 29 08:49:00 2002

In August of 2000 my gallbladder was removed the new way, through the navel.

I have not seen a well day since that surgery.

I have had CT Scans, different urinary track tests, etc. of the pelvic area, but no one has been able to find my problem.

Because I explained to the urologist who did my bladder surgery in 1996, that the problem started since the gallbladder was removed, he will not even look at me when I speak to him. He concentrates on my file down in his lap. I even made him look at me, standing there showing him where the lower pelvic pain was, after we had discussed and agreed on scar tissue, but instead of following through with this idea, he ordered a CT Scan of the pelvic area. Now I know that a CT Scan DOES NOT SHOW SCAR TISSUE OR ADHESIONS! So why would this man want still another CT Scan. I stopped it right away! I will not waste Medicare, Insurance, and my own money on a test that will not even show the problem!

Where do I go for help with this problem? I have been suffering for two years!

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