Re: SprayGel...My response to Lillian's message...

Sun Jul 28 21:47:32 2002

Helen, That was a statement as to say for someone to come and say I am still painfree after the use of spraygel! I did not have spraygel. My adhesion surgery was with INtergel not spraygel.I want people who had surgery with spraygel in Germany to come across since there is so much push to send others there. Please understand me correctly. Maybe my writing isn't understood quite right. I think that 6 months pain free is something to talk about. I know 1 year painfree would be better because it does take some time to overcome surgery. I know people get busy in life and can't sit at the puter all day as myself I have plenty to do having a full time job and being a fulltime mother and housewife.But I make time to come relax every once in a while. Lillian

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