SprayGel: My response to Karla's message

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sun Jul 28 12:56:24 2002

I have responded to Karla's message to Lillian within Karla's message below. To help identify who wrote what, I have used the following code: K.> = Karla's message ...&...and H.> = Helen (My response)

From: Karla (ifirgit@new.rr.com) Sun Jul 28 03:57:49 2002

K.> I don't believe that the SprayGel has been in use that long over in Germany. H.> At : " http://www.confluentsurgical.com/Patient/CEApproval.asp " you will learn that on "November 12, 2001.. Confluent Surgical, Inc. announced that it has received a CE Mark (product certification) allowing the commercial distribution of its SprayGel Adhesion Barrier System within the European Community."

H.>I had planned to go to Germany for surgery the second week in November 2001; but Dr. Korell urged me to wait until SprayGel had actually been approved in Europe. He assured me that this would happen soon. Since I did not want to go to Germany in December, I decided to go in January 2002 instead.

H.> In the past, Dr. Korell has used Interceed and Intergel; however, Dr. Korell did NOT use either adhesion barrier for my November 2000 surgery. When Dr. Korell learned about SprayGel, he actually went to Confluent Surgical in Waltham, MA so he could become more knowledgeable about SprayGel and how SprayGel was applied during a surgery. As a result of of this experience, he told me that he really believes the SprayGel adhesion barrier is going to do a much better job of preventing adhesion formation following surgery. The fact that he cared enough to tell me that he preferred that I wait until SprayGel was approved in Europe, because he believes SprayGel is a very good adhesion barrier product. This spoke volumes to me about this very compassionate surgeon!! He knew that I had suffered with adhesions since a laparotomy in 1970; and he wanted to be able to use a barrier that would give me the best results. Dr. Korell applied both SprayGel and Intergel during my surgeries (including the second look) in January 2002; and neither adhesion barrier has been problematic for me.

H.> I remember only ONE other doctor (of the many doctors I had sought to find relief from debilitating pain) who treated me with compassion: Dr. Robert Sampson, D.O. In my more than 32 years of seeking relief from chronic pain, Dr. Sampson literally saved my life. He recognized that I was suffering from a clinical depression. Continual chronic pain will do that to a person!! To help me with my depression , Dr. Sampson not only prescribed Amitriptyline(an anti-depressant); but he also spent many unpaid hours counseling and educating me about the mind-body connection - to help me understand how inter-related the mind and body really are. With education came understanding and eventually I was able to accept the mind-body connection . By counseling me during this particularly painful time in my life -- along with the medication, Amitriptyline), I was finally able to sleep through the night without being kept awake by constant pain. Not only was I able get restful sleep, but a side-benefit of Amitriptyline is that it does offer some relief from pain too -- and I could at least begin to function.

K.> The other factor to consider is that some individuals may have gone to Germany and had the SprayGel applied before the doctors had the technique of applying the barrier down good.

H.> I don't remember the source; but I do remember someone told me (could've been Dr. Korell) - prior to the approval of SprayGel - that Dr. Korell actually went to Confluent Surgical - at Waltham, MA - to review the research that has been done on SprayGel, to learn more about SprayGel and to gain some practical experience in the use of SprayGel.

H.> I don't remember the source; but I do remember someone saying that Dr. Korell has actually been to Confluent Surgical at Walthan, MA - to learn about and actually use SprayGel.

H.> Dr. Korell is not only one of the finest laparoscopic surgeons; he also has devoted more than 20 years conducting his own research in an effort to learn more about how the human body's defense mechanism works. So far Dr. Korell is of the opinion that Confluent Surgical's SprayGel adhesion barrier IS showing great promise in the prevention of adhesion formation.

H.> It can take many years before a research product is ready for FDA approval. Initially, the research process begins with the use of animals (such as mice and rats) as research subjects. It can take several years before the results of the animal research data becomes known. When research is satisfied that the animal research has been successfully completed, the next stage is the clinical trial stage - where people are the research subjects. To help you understand what is involved in clinical research studies, please go to the following website:

XX>Adhesions: Clinical Research (Note: If the entire Url doesn't appear, the last part of this Url is: " clinicalresearch.asp "


H.> When I had my surgery in January 2002, Dr. Korell told me he has included me as one of the people in his pilot SprayGel research study - to evaluate the effectiveness of SprayGel.. Since I'm a part of his clinical research project, I didn't have to pay for the SprayGel that Dr. Korell applied at the end of my surgery. Dr. Korell also applied Intergel; but I had to pay for Intergel.

H.> It is really too early for any meaningful statistics on SprayGel. It takes years to develop statistics!! Before human clinical trials can begin, researchers conduct research using animals - such as mice and/or rats - as their research subjects. Not until this stage of research has been successfully completed, can the human clinical trials begin!!

H.> Adhesions form as a result of the human body's defense mechanism - which is a completely natural and normal response by the body!! The body sends out its army to defend and encapsulate (cover with adhesions) the enemy (surgical trauma is one example) as the human body attempts to protect and heal itself. Again, this is a completely natural process. One day, hopefully soon, surgeons and patients alike will not have to contend with the number one surgical risk, adhesions!!

XX.>Frequently Asked Questions on Adhesions...Confluent Surgical (located in Waltham, MA) answers some of your questions regarding SprayGel.


~ ~ ~ ~

XX>If you would like to contact Confluent Surgical regarding more information about SprayGel, Confluent's contact information is found here:

http://www.confluentsurgical.com/Patient/AboutConfluent.asp#ContactUs H.> IDr. Korell's intense interest in seeking a resolution to surgery's number one problem (adhesions)--- by performing research and making an effort to learn as much as he can about SprayGel --- tells me that Dr. Korell IS definitely an adhesion specialist!! How many surgeons in the United States are actually involved in performing research?

K.>I believe that Mary Pomroy is probably the first real case that could be looked at. If she is reading this, maybe she could respond? Also, someone asked about the results of surgery by Dr. Kruschinski....his adhesions clinic just opened in the last month or so. I don't think there are too many results available yet. I understand your need to know these things though. Love ya! Karla

H.> It has been only 3 1/2 months since Mary had her surgery on April 11, 2002!!. Mary Pomroy will share her recovery -- when SHE is well enough and ready to. Sitting at a computer is not conducive to the healing that needs to take place following surgery!! Surgical patients (and well as NEW mothers) are always advised to get up and do some walking -- and NOT to spend a lot of time just sitting around - or lying down. It is a known fact that walking helps to increase endorphins, the brain's natural source of natural morphine.

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