Re: RITA: A "red flag" went up for me...regarding your July 29th surgery!! ...

Sun Jul 28 12:16:03 2002

Thanks Karla, I hope you are doing well as can be. I am doing fine, Just seeing all this encouragement to fly off from the states like there is no hope here and I just need to know more about the high success before I tell someone there is no hope here. I think that with the Spraygel if it is successful as they proclaim, I know the docs that did my surgery are just as crafty with the laparoscope as I hear anyone else is. I was told of the impossibilty of having surgery kept laparoscopy by many. And I also talked to my doc about the second look and he is willing to do all that. Everything I told him he used except the Spraygel and that was because it wasn't available. I think If I give him the info on the Gasless laparoscopy he will study that too. He is just as interested in helping people as any other I spoke to Dr REich and Dr Korell. I'm not trying to be a snob or be cynical either. I just want everyone to know something that may be very important also. THat no matter what barrier is used your body may be the one that forms adhesions and will never be able to be controlled or maybe some nerves are involved that no matter what happens you will always have pain. Be honest don't tell people things to make them think there is a happy ending if there is none. Hope is something we all must have but lets wait for real statistics. I know I just had surgery and I am well now but I also know that I had 7 weeks painfree last surgery and being optimistic is all I can be. Saying hey ya'll all come to my doc is way too early to be advertising. Give real reports. I know 1 person who went to Germany and I heard they are back in the saddle again and I just want to hear from them what is real. I heard it throught the grape vine but come be real all of you. I do appreciate those who step up and be honest.Even if it makes you look like oh well I told you so. THats the reality of being on this board. Hearing the TRUTH. To all of you I wish the absolute best. I know it;s hard coming back and saying well it didn't work I'm back in pain. I had to do it and maybe I will have to do it again. I think we all need the support whether we have success or failure. I myself tried to talk someone into educating themselves more before having surgery just a few weeks ago. I know no one could talk me out of having surgery because I had enough pain and maybe I'll have to say I goofed but I had to do what was right for me. Hopefully I will continue to stay painfree.But either way I need all of you still. I will not leave this site unless I can't afford my AOL any more. You guys have been here trying to figure what to do to get the world educated lets not stop until we accomplish that. I think that is the most important thing we all could do. Maybe those who have been here long enough and the administrator can help. What can be done?? Love and Best Wishes to all Lillian

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