Re: Does this sound familiar to any of you? I have been seeking answers for 20 years...

From: Robert Anderson (
Fri Jul 26 17:30:59 2002


>..and now since this
>last surgery i cant stand up straight nor stretch and i find it
>impossible to even lay out flat on the bed any more..because it feels
>like my navel and my spine and some intestines or something are all
>connected..and it feels like evrything is ripping apart when i do any of
> i dont..ha.

Yes, I know that feeling all too well. My sympathies to you. For me, that was a feeling that I would get suddenly, and then I couldn't do anything but curl up in a ball for hours.

Have you tried any medication that relaxes the intestines? I sometimes wonder if the adhesions are pulling on the intestines causing them to go into spasm. Maybe if you could prevent the spasms, the pain would lessen.

>Myself i would NOT consider surgery again ..until i can have the new
>spray gel adhesion barrier..because each time they open you up you run
>the risk of ending up in worse shape...

Yes, this seems vitally important for all to know. Right now my pain is relatively infrequent, so I am not considering any surgery at this time.

Best Wishes To Get Well, Bob

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